Lose Weight without Dieting: Eat Healthy and Daily Exercise

lose weight without dieting

You can lose weight without dieting just eating healthy and change your eating habit and life style.

It would be hard for you if you just start out and want to lose weight without dieting by not focusing on dieting.

What you need to know is what to do and what don’t. The below advises will show exactly what you need to do on lose weight without dieting.

How these lose weight without dieting works?

lose weight without dietingYou may wonder is this lose weight without dieting really working by not taking any diet plan. You may be surprise with the result if you doing lose weight without dieting in the right way. Actually you still do diet but just not be concentrating on only diet until it makes you feel dump and don’t know what to do.

This lose weight without dieting plan is focusing eating healthy and changes some of your habits to get better result in lose weight fast and effectively.

Things you need to do on lose weight without dieting

Eat more healthy foods

It means eating more fruits and veggies that consists of high fiber.

Some of good and easy source of high fiber are green salad, dried fruit and nuts.

Don’t skip breakfast

Most people thinking of skip breakfast may help you lose weight but it will lead you too more hunger.

Just don’t eat too more. Eat until you feel full, it is enough. Even there is some food left, just leave it.

Having yogurt at dinner

For dinner, you must try to skip. If you can’t, having some low-fat yogurt would be good too.

Walk with dog

If you have dog then you can enjoy dog walking. It will make you dog happy while you can lose some weight too. There is researches saying that you would lose weight around 14 pounds after a year if you just walk with dog for 20 minutes for 5 time per week.

It must be relaxed walk and enjoy healthy life at the same time.

Get enough sleep

This is an easy way on lose weight without dieting to prevent from gaining more fat into body system. There is research said that “35% of people who sleep less than 6 hours per day will gain weight”.

What you need to do is sleep at night for 6 hours per day with sweet dream.

Avoid salty

Salt leads too thirsty, thirsty leads to drink more and what you drink is soda and sweet drink.

If you can’t avoid then just grape one with low-sodium or low-salt, it would be helped.

In case of feel thirsty, just drink pure water is enough.

Eat spicy food

Spicy food with garlic and pepper would help you in lose weight fast. Some research said that you will lose weight around 30 pounds in six months if you eat spicy foods.

Eat when feel hungry

Just don’t follow your feeling. You need to control your eating habit. Eat when hungry.

Daily exercise

If you can’t focus of full-time exercise and really no time for exercise, just manage your time. You need to do it every day, if you can spend more time then you better find some workout that lose weight without dieting and takes short time but work good in burn fat.

If you can do all these, you will be successful on lose weight without dieting, having good-looking body and stay in healthy life.

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