Maple Syrup Diet: Beyonce Secret Crash Diet

maple syrup diet

Maple syrup diet is also known as Beyoncé maple syrup diet or lemonade maple syrup diet.

With famous Beyoncé success in diet within short period of time and having good-looking, she is done nothing. The only thing she does is concentrate on maple syrup diet.

She seems to believe in no pain no gain in order to make it work with maple syrup diet.

So now, if you want to do with this maple syrup diet then go ahead.

How maple syrup diet makes success?

maple syrup dietBefore getting to details of maple syrup diet instructions and maple syrup diet recipe, we should know how it works.

This low-calorie diet plan is only consume low-calorie content which maple syrup is the main ingredient.

In a tablespoon consists only 26 calories, it means that you only intake 312 calories if you take 6 drinks per day (1 drink uses 2 tablespoon of maple syrup).

Fewer calories intake but you burn more fat then you will lose weight fast.

Benefits of maple syrup diet

There are many benefits of taking maple syrup beside weight loss:

* Stronger nails.

* Toxin the body.

* Improve concentration.

* Resistant to illness.

* Clear eyes and skin.

Types of maple syrup diet

There are four type of diet plan to go with:

The once a week version

You only need to do it only one day per week. That day you need to skip all foods and do only maple syrup diet.

Relaxed version

Just replace breakfast and dinner with 2-3 glasses of maple syrup drink. For lunch, you should avoid any sweet, high fat food, junk food, coffee and high carbohydrate foods and drinks.

The full detox

This plan is doing full day of drinking only maple syrup drink. The fix day for this plan is 10 days. You can start from 5 then increase once you are familiar with the diet plan. You can go up to 14 days. If you want to do this the full detox, it should be in taking care of health professional.

The master plan

This plan involves multi day and do it twice yearly plus with doing detox once a week.

Maple syrup diet recipe

* 2 tablespoons of maple syrup

* 2 tablespoon of lemon juice

* Half pint of hot or cold water

* Ginger

* Cayenne pepper

Mixed all and drink. You can make juice or blend with ice tube.

Maple syrup diet instructions

Each time you take 2 drinks. It recommended drinking from 6-9 drinks per day.

Disadvantage of maple syrup diet

Lack of fiber

This diet plan has no fiber inside in that will make your body become constipated.

Low nutrient level

If you do this diet plan too long, you body fewer intakes of iron, zinc, vitamin C and calcium. Your body will end up with low nutrient level.

Lack of energy

You will intake less energy. It will be bad for you need to work but no energy.

The maple syrup diet seems to work for short terms only, if you need to do in the long-term then you need to emphasize what daily nutrient level your body need plus more fiber need in the body system too.

If you really want to do maple syrup diet then I suggest you consult with doctor or diet expert before taking any action for your own good.

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