Hilton Head Fat Farm

hilton head fat farm

Since the exposure to Covid-19 and now the rate of obesity has been on the increase for decades before slowing down over the past few years. This progress is thanks to the awareness created on the need to keep proper body mass spread all across the planet. There have been many efforts done by obese people to stay in better shape of health. Some chose a good diet, do easy weight loss tips 2022, some went the workout way, others chose yoga and so much more.

If you are in South Carolina and looking for a fat camp with high-quality service then I suggest fat farm hilton head south Carolina or hilton head health, at hilton head island, south Carolina. It has been in service since 1976 with high-quality weight loss programs, resort and spa, and many more.

Hilton Head Health is the best weight lose camp, hilton head fat farm or hilton head fat camp in the area of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.Hilton Head Health didn’t want to be left out in joining this cause. They have been around for 40 years, being the only health resort destination and offering weight loss, wellness, and longevity programs, thus, giving people not only an amazing vacation but also helping them turn into healthier individuals. Hilton Head Health offers two weight loss programs featuring a small group workout, private recovery therapies, and individual counseling. These programs are called JumpStart and LoseWell4.

JumpStart is a weight loss technique that lets you see your way of living in a new perspective, thus, helping you to change what may be wrong with it. You can opt for a 7, 14, or 21+ night program and start checking in on any Sunday. The strategies included in this program are mastering motivation, discovering your best self, nutrition for health as well as portion control. It also fosters staying on track, cooking demonstration, and fitness strategy development. This program features a strategic assessment in helping achieve the weight loss goals.

You will first be brought to a health screening that includes the body and weight measurements, BMI, resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, and a lipid profile. You will then go through a Functional Movement Screening (FMS), a one-time screening upon arrival which won’t be done again in the upcoming weeks throughout the whole program. This screening features seven different actions aimed at testing your overall body movement. The result of this screening will help you determine the exercise and therapies that suit you best as well as help Hilton Head Health create the best fitness program for you. The next step is a health consultation. The consultation will be a private session where you can discuss the health screening, FMS and nutrition profile with the health specialists. You will be given a list of specific behavioral goals to be implemented throughout the program if you wish to transit from Hilton Head Health to your home.

This program also features healthy dining where you can enjoy the unimaginable Mediterranean-inspired menus at their True Restaurant. In addition, there is a personalized small group training where they provide workout sessions that suit your fitness level. You will also be provided with comfortable accommodation and transportation.

LoseWell4 on the other hand focuses more on giving you emotional support. This weight loss plan makes use of immersive lecture series to help tune the mindset as well as promote balanced nutrition, behavior influences, and fitness plan development. The number 4 in the LoseWell4 indicates the minimum number of weeks you will require to give full commitment. Similar to JumpStart, this program also starts on Sundays. Here, you will learn the perfect way to healthy eating and exercise behaviors that you can practice, thus, making it a habit. You will be accompanied by a personal fitness coach and wellness counselor throughout the program. These are the individuals that will keep you mentally strong, increase your confidence level as well as motivates you.

The LoseWell4 features emotional support where you will be surrounded by a supportive and non-judgmental group of people. This program also includes healthy cooking where you can participate in cooking classes to learn to cook calorie-controlled, nutritious food from the Hilton Head Health executive chefs. The menus will help you stay on track without any worries. Other than that, LoseWell4 features a customized fitness that focuses on recovery.

You will get in a small group of 12 people at most with two trainers that will give you a personalized fitness strategy. The group will have 2 hours meeting with additional private and group sessions two times a day. You will get a weekly private session with a coach to check on your progress and establish new goals if needed, making it the most comprehensive weight loss and fitness program one can have.

Hilton head fat farm may be a small health resort but it comes with the best quality of service and with a small size of people, the service is diminished and personalized and you will get a good result at the end of the day.

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