Leek Soup Diet: Good for Lose Weight?

leek soup diet

Looking for a good resource on the leek soup diet then you are at the right place. Please do not jump directly to the magic leek soup diet if you have not read this, the leek soup diet may be harm than good to your body.

If you are looking for a healthy diet then the leek soup diet is not good for you. It is a fast diet that leek soup diet can help you lose glycogen and water in your body, not fat, that’s why you get the good result in a short time.

But if you are still wanted to try the leek soup diet then go ahead and continue reading.

What is the leek soup diet?

leek soup diet The Leek soup diet is a french leek soup diet which is mentioned by Mireille Guiliano, she speaks of the diet in her nationwide bestseller book called, French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure.
From that, it becomes famous and many have tried and gotten good results in a short time.

The leek soup diet or magic leek soup diet and some may call it “magic leek soup”, are the same thing, it is a fast diet for 48 hours. You only drink leek soup diet, no anything else, that’s why it works. Besides, the leek soup diet contains around 15 calories per cup.

Why you should try the leek soup diet?

Leek soup diet or magic leek soup is good for a fast result weight loss like for prompt event in next week, you will get fast result with leek soup diet.

The leek plant is easy to grow, not much care is needed. Once it grows, you can harvest anything you want.

Does the leek soup diet help you lose weight?

Yes, leak water diet is good for the short term only, no good for the long run. You will be in disorder eating behavior which is bad.

Since leek is containing many vitamins and minerals. Besides, that leek can help with reduced risk of certain cancers.

When is the best situation to use a magic leek soup diet?

The best situation to use leek soup diet methods is when you need to lose weight fast. It can help you lose more weight in a short period.

You can replace the leek soup diet with a healthy fruit diet if you want, you will get a good result but you may consume higher calories per eating.

Leek soup diet recipe

Here is an easy way to prepare for leek soup recipe:

* 2 pounds of leeks
* clean water to cover in a large pot

* cut off the top dark green leaves and the root.
* clean leeks and rinse to get rid of soil and sand.
* put leeks in clean water to cover in a large pot
* boils for 30 minutes
* drink hot or you can add lemon juice, and salt to make it a good taste
You can store the juice in the fridge for later drink.

If you want to make magic leek soup diet healhier, check this out:

What you can get from drinking a cup of leek soup diet?

Leek contains many vitamins and minerals that you can not dream of, in a cup of cooked leeks provides:
* Vitamin A: 18% of the daily value
* Vitamin B6: 24% of the daily value
* Vitamin C: 20% of the daily value
* Vitamin E: 14% of the daily value
* Vitamin K: 73% of the daily value
* Calcium: 8% of the daily value
* Copper: 25% of the daily value
* Iron: 21% of the daily value
* Magnesium: 12% of the daily value

To make the leek soup diet healthier, I suggest drinking once a week, not to lose weight but for your health, it can help reduce the risk of cancer. Besides, the leek is the same as onion or garlic, leek soup diet can help coronavirus cures.

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