Miranda Kerr Diet 2022 Tips

miranda kerr diet

If you are old enough then you would know who is Miranda kerr, she is an Australian model and still, her body is in good shape now.

In this short post, we are going to talk about the secret miranda kerr diet 2022 tips that she does and having a good-looking body.

Miranda kerr diet is based on a blood type diet that leads by Dr. John D' Adamo and eating healthy food depends on her blood type which is low in fat, low in gluten, fresh food, and a small meal.

This diet plan is focusing on eating more organic food and fresh produce.

Miranda kerr diet may not work for everyone, you need to follow an eating plan base on your blood type led by Dr. John D' Adamo. You need a blood type diet plan and look through what you should eat and get the recipe, ready for having a good looking like miranda kerr.

Miranda kerr diet 2022 and weight loss plan

miranda kerr dietBreakfast

* 2 slices of rye toast, boiled egg and avocado
* Muesli and fresh fruit salad and yogurt
* Ginger and lemon mixed in a glass of water

Morning snack

* Almonds
* Pecans
* Green tea


* Dandelion tea
* Warm water with lemon
* Fresh tuna salad / lean chicken breasts salad / salmon salad and adds lemon, ginger, and turmeric


* Nuts
* Fresh fruit
* Goji berries covered by chocolate
* Mini pancakes with raspberries on top


* Salad
* Vegetable steak
* Fish steak
* Salmon steak
* Green tea with ginger

These are an example of miranda kerr diet 2022 diet plan that you can follow, I suggest you adjust according to your routine and make a whole week diet plan.

Miranda kerr daily diet exercise and workout

Beside miranda kerr diet tips, you need to know her diet and workout plan.

She does workout every time she has time even on the tour or during travel.

She does several training exercise and workout as follow

* Jogging and running for 5 km, 2 times per week.
* Cardio exercise
* Boxing
* Resistor balls
* Yoga
* Pilates

All exercise on miranda kerr diet is to improve human health in all aspects like mental relaxation, stronger body muscles, heart breath, and many more.

Besides, you may look at this page on the best exercise to lose weight, you can adjust and make it suit you.

Miranda kerr diet becomes famous and there are many things to cover, you must get one that suits your body and daily life would be better

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