Best Exercise to Lose Weight – Which One Get Best Result in Loss Weight

best exercise to lose weight

To get the best result in weight loss, besides diet, you need the best exercise to lose weight.

Since many don’t realize what the best exercise to lose weight is. Most think that ihigh-ntensity workouts are the best ones, but you are wrong.

If you are running fast like playing football, the body burns more sugar than fat, because it needs more energy, you only burn sugar, not fat that is stored in your body. The best way is to get fat and transform it into energy.

The best exercise to lose weight is slow-intensity workouts, for example, aerobic exercise, walking, and so on.

Walking Uphill

The most recommended is walking uphill.

It’s just a simple step, by walking uphill you need to walk slowly and it will burn sugar the first you walk, but in a few minutes the body system will take fat and turn out to use it as energy while you are working uphill.

It is a method of exercise that is suitable for the laziest because just walking up and down the hill or stairs. It can burn calories up to 452–670 kcal/hour. It also increases the strength of the leg muscles as well. This is for better performance. It is recommended to alternate between running and walking, or even hold dumbbells, it will stimulate your metabolism even better. If anyone doesn’t have it, it is recommended to carry a water bottle instead. Choose according to the weight that is suitable for us.

treadmill best result in weight loss

If you don’t have a place for walking uphill, I recommended a treadmill.

You will get a good result when walking uphill. Just walk for 20 minutes at least 5 times per week.

Once your body is used to it, you can increase the time to get a better result and fast.

Aerobic exercise

If you don’t like just walking and it makes you too bored, I suggest looking for aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is a good workout for the best exercise to lose weight too.

Mostly, it starts from slow exercise then fast, and mixed up. With that, your body will burn more fat than normal exercise.


If you can find a place to swim, I recommended you do it. Swimming is a good way to exercise for weight loss too.

Another thing is that, you must not always follow someone else, just do whatever you like.

But if you do it in a group, it will make you more motivated in doing exercise, I’m sure you will get a better result than doing it alone.


Whether running slow, running fast or running in place, they all help burn fat. Because it is a cardio exercise that will directly stimulate the heartbeat and metabolism which running can burn calories up to 566-839 kcal/hour.

Anyone who wants to lose weight urgently, please follow these steps, start at 60 seconds of brisk jogging, alternating with 30 seconds of walking breaks. Keep doing this until 1 hour for best results. Because of heavy running, this is called Interval training cardio or HIIT workouts. It is an exercise that increases the body's metabolism.

If anyone practiced running continuously. then the weight does not decrease, I suggest reading why I can’t seem to lose fat.

Hula hoop

Today, many young enjoy hula hoop. It is a good diet exercise too. Just grab a weighed hula hoop and get twirling. Just do it for 5 minutes per day. You will see a good result in a few weeks.

Stationary bikes

It shows the best result in fat-burning workouts too. You can easily change the intensity to get different exercise types of fast or slow. It would recommend starting from slow for 5 minutes then turning to a bit fast for 5 minutes then turning back to slow again. Do like this for 20 minutes.

You can adjust depending on your needs and time.

Weight training

Although weight training focuses more on building muscle than cardio, this is the shortcut to slimness that will give you two-to-one results. Because when the muscle mass in our body increases, it will stimulate the body to burn excess fat more than ever.

And another advantage of weight training is that after training is completed, the body continues to burn energy.

Hopefully, this best exercise to lose weight recommended here will help you in losing weight fast, besides you need to do a diet too to get the best result.

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