At Home Cardio Workout No Equipment

at home cardio workout no equipment

No time and no money is not an excuse for losing weight!!!

With the current economic situation, money is hard to get but your health is very important, and here I am going to tell you that if you pay nothing you still can get a good-looking body like a super model with a home cardio workout no equipment. Most people think that to work out, you need to go to the gym and pay for membership fees, hell no, at home cardio workout no equipment is all that you need.

I will tell you that these types of work out exist and you can do it at home without paying any penny! I suggest you should do exercise at least 40 minutes. Why 40 minutes? Not 4, not 10? If you are a starter and you do the extreme one, it will harm your body and burn your belly fat process, it will start after 25-30 minutes of workout.

If you are looking for a cardio workout that works and easy on losing weight without equipment, this at home cardio workout no equipment is the perfect solution. You may think that cardio exercise is out of fashion, but it is not, most famous celebs like Kim Kardashian still doing it. She mixed up her diet method to avoid getting bored.

The cardio exercise can make you get a serious sweat, and you can do it with no equipment at home.

At Home Cardio Workout No Equipment

Doing 3 each following workout circuit means 1 set without resting in between, you can rest after each set for 2 minutes at most and followed by another set, I recommended you do at least 3 sets per day.

1. Jump squat

Jump squat

Stand on feet at the same width as your shoulder and do lower into a deep squat, you must keep your back as straight as possible and make sure your knee does not extend beyond your toes when you get lower. Then, raise your arms and jump off as high as possible. Once your feet return to the floor, you can start over, do this for 12 rounds.

2. Traveling knee tucks

Traveling knee tucks

Put your palms against the floor, and feet extended backward, and then step forwards each foot at a time by pulling the knee close to the abdomen. Do this circuit for 2 minutes.

3. Squat and plank

Squat and plank

This one is starting at a plank position and holding for 3 counts. After that, you jump and pull your feet forward, and your feet must land behind your palms. Once you land, you must be in a deep squat position and your buttocks slightly like you kick your legs back to starting position, do this for 12 rounds.

4. Wide jumping jack

Wide jumping jack

Stand straight and then jump off with wide open your leg and your arms straight to the top. Do this for 20 rounds.

5. March in place

March in place

This exercise is mostly like running, but you are running at the same place not moving. You move only your arms and your legs. Simply stand your feet and shoulder width, bring one of your knees up and with another side of your arms up too and hold for 2 counts. And change to the other side, do this for 20 rounds. You can choose to do any 3 of them. It calls 1 set and rest for 2 minutes and does another set. I recommend going for 3 sets a day.

Want something on easy at home cardio no equipment that is very easy to follow?

I recommended, this video called “Ultimate Workout for Belly Fat Loss, No Equipment.” I do it every day. It’s just 40 minutes, and no any equipment needed.

Besides that, I suggest you do stretches exercise for weight loss once a week to get your body recovery.

Now, you can enjoy a free cost at home cardio workout no equipment, and cheer!

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