Best Guarantee Diet Plans that Work

best guarantee diet plans that work

Many people are looking for the best guarantee diet plans that work, but could not find that need and what you are looking for. Here are some tips on diet plans that guarantee work.

Getting started on this diet isn't easy because it is something that seems difficult until starting a diet that must have been destroyed many times. But today, dieting won't be as difficult if you pay attention to the little things you do daily and it can help you lose weight.

To make diet plans work, the diet methods are to be easy to follow, enjoyable, happy, no need to starve and you can lose weight. Let's see how to make a perfect figure without starving and also being happy.

Best guarantee diet plans that work

This guide is free diet plans that you can make your diet plan and adjust according to your lifestyle, simply take a note, and make a plan for a month, easy to follow and enjoy.

- Adjust food proportions

Because food is the main factor in the diet, if you do not choose to eat fussily, it may make the diet ineffective. Therefore, meals should be divided, into breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but the meals must be eaten in quantities that are not too much.

* Breakfast

It should be equal to normal meals, whether it is a common single food. If you are not good at eating breakfast, try switching to fruit, cereal, and a glass of milk, because breakfast is an important meal that should be eaten.

* Lunch

You should eat foods that are not too starchy. Divide the meal into 25% starch, 50% vegetables, and 25% meat. It's easy to suggest that a plate should contain half the vegetables.

* Dinner

You should not eat anything too heavy, should focus on vegetables. Meat should be avoided. You must choose to eat fruit, but you should choose to eat fruit that does not contain much sugar, such as guava, rose apple, green apple, etc.

The point here is to control the calorie intake in your body.

Note: If you can control the number of calories not to exceed 2000 kcal per day. For a rather large woman or a small man. A large man should eat no more than 2400 kcal per day. If a woman is small or medium in shape, then the control should be about 1200-1600 kcal per day. If you can control the weight, you can lose weight quickly as well.

- Reduce the number of seasonings

Foods that need to be cooked, spicy food, eating food that is too salty, should be changed to food that tasted a bit bland and less salty. You just eat the fruit without dipping the sauce, reduce the amount of salad dressing or choose a clear salad dressing. The number of calories you get will be reduced and the weight will be reduced to half a kilogram within a week.

- Cut down on sugary drinks

Suggest that during the diet, you should stop drinking all kinds of sugary drinks. Especially drinks with cream, milk, and sugar, such as cocoa, iced tea, coffee, bubble tea, and soft drinks, because these drinks will not only make you fat but also cause your health to deteriorate as well. So, it's best to choose not to eat. But if you can't stop eating, use a gradual method. Gradually decrease in quantity a glass a week until a month It is not considered torture for a while, we will be able to quit on our own anyway. So, the best drink is water. How many glasses will you drink? But must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day is best.

- Do some exercise

If you want to be healthy and in good shape, besides controlling food in moderation. Exercise is the part that will make your diet a success. It is recommended that you exercise at least 30 minutes a day, whether running, swimming, aerobics, or other sports. What you like also makes your body burn calories. Your weight will be reduced and you will be able to have a toned and healthy body.

- Make up your mind

The mind is the most important factor in the diet. Because if the heart is not strong, our mission to achieve slimness and good health may not be successful. Therefore, one must be mentally strong and determined to do these things fully and willingly without thinking that it is reluctance. If you feel that you are not strong enough, I recommend you to invite friends. In the group doing diet activities with us, when we have friends to do with it, when we eat, and exercise, we will have friends with ideals that will make us feel fun with the diet and accomplish it in a short time.

There is no good diet plan that works and suits everyone, even if you buy an expensive diet plan but your mind is not strong then you will fail.

I suggest, if you have money then hire a personal diet expert and work out to take care of yourself side by side, or join any bootcamp weight lose or club, this way you can maintain your plan.

But here is free advice, you can make your diet plan and be a success, simply read the above advice again and make your plan for a month and see the result, adjust accordingly. But you must remember, the best diet to lose weight quickly and exercise should be together to get fast results.

Best diet plan for weight loss for female

If you still can’t make your diet plan, here are some diet plans that I suggest you should look into.

1. Ketogenic Diet

Keto or Ketogenic Diet is a diet that mainly focuses on eating good fats. Secondary protein and reduce carbohydrate intake, examples of healthy fatty foods include lean meats, coconut oil, olive oil, or skim milk.

The body normally produces energy from glucose obtained from eating carbohydrate foods. But when we focus on eating only good fats. The body will receive less glucose until unable to use glucose as energy sufficiently. The body will break down fat into a substance called Ketone or ketones to be used as renewable energy. When fat is drawn to burn more so we can lose weight.

How to eat in Keto diet?

Keto diet

* Focus on eating good fats

The keto diet focuses mainly on eating good fats. You should eat 125 grams of good fats per day, which is 75% of your energy intake. By eating fatty foods such as nuts, almost all types. With the exception of peanuts, lean meats such as fish, pork loin, or ribeye, the cooking oil should be olive oil. Fast food can be omitted.

* Secondary protein

Eat protein foods in the proportion of 1 gram per body weight, eg 50 kg body weight, eat 50 grams of protein per day, which will account for 20% of your energy intake. Foods that can be eaten are meat, eggs and can be eaten normally. Dairy foods such as cheese, butter, whipped cream like this can still be eaten without starving.

* Reduce carbohydrates

You must control carbohydrate foods to be about 25-50 grams per day, or 5% of the energy received. All types of rice, flour, and sugary drinks and fruit must be avoided as well. But there are also berries that can still be eaten but must not eat too much.

Things to know before starting the Keto diet

- Must not have underlying diseases such as diabetes or people with low blood pressure Keto diet should be avoided.

- Be cautious about eating more protein and carbohydrates than the limit. Eating too much protein will cause your body to turn protein into sugar instead of using fat.

2. Fast Diet 5:2

The Fast Diet 5:2 is a diet method developed by Dr. Michael Mosley. This diet method is by cutting calories from eating 2 days a week. The origin of this principle is Dr. Mosley wants to lose belly fat and saw that dieting every other day was too difficult. So he started with dieting 2 days a week first, with 2 days of dieting, he only ate 600 calories. After 3 months of continuous treatment, Dr. Mosley found that he had lost almost 8.5 kg.

How to eat in Fast Diet 5:2 diet?

Fast Diet 5:2

This way we rarely have to starve. We can eat every day, but there will be 2 days that we need to control calories (Fast Day), men should not eat more than 600 calories, and women should not exceed 500 calories. A fast day should be a high fiber, low-fat diet, should avoid starchy food, sugar, and the remaining 5 days we can eat normally.

Things you should know before eating the Fast Diet

The advice from Dr. Mosley says that if the first few days you can't do it, don't stress too much. Gradual is best when our bodies get used to it, we will eventually be able to do it ourselves.

The Fast Diet doesn't require you to eat one meal a day. It can be subdivided into 2-3 meals.

Even if the remaining 5 days are not Fast Day, you should choose to eat only foods that are healthy for your body.

These two diet plans work for most people, and may be you too. Simply follow the plan strictly and enjoy.

Well, it's time for us to take care of our health and a beautiful figure to stay with us for a long time. And don't forget to take all these best guarantee diet plans that work and good tips for a happy diet and apply them.

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