Best Exercise for Heart at Home

best exercise for heart

If you are having a heart condition and looking for the best exercise for heart, then you are at the right place. It can't be any exercise if you have a heart condition, what you need is a special exercise for the heart that keeps your condition under control.

I do not mean that you exercise for your heart is to rub your heart and so on, it's also physical activity and exercise but it designs for people who have the heart condition and it is good for them to try out at home. But for the condition, you should consult with your doctor to ensure that you can do it in your current condition.

Importance of physical exercise

Do you know that doing exercise every day minimum of 30 minutes of exercise and at least 5 times a week can prevent you from stroke and heart disease which are the nation's No.5 and No.1 silent killers.

importance of physical exercise

Besides that, regular exercise that helps you:

- Low blood pressure

Exercise can help you fix your blood pressure condition.

- Reduce bad cholesterol (LDL)

Exercise burns out the bad fat in your body.

- Boost good cholesterol (HDL)

Exercise helps your body boosts the good fat and makes it works properly.

- Burn calorie

Exercise helps your burn out more fat and calorie which leads to strong muscle and weight loss.

Tips of exercise for a healthy heart

exercise for healthy heart

- Avoid exercise in hilly areas

Walking uphill is bad for beginners who have a heart condition, you should avoid that if you just start doing exercise.

- Avoid exercise outdoors when the bad weather condition

Bad weather conditions can harm your body while doing exercise.

- Avoid overdoing

You should know your limit, and you should stop when you feel something is wrong with your body.

- Avoid too cold or hot showers after exercise

After exercise, you should rest and let your body cool down, please do not rush to take shower, it is bad for your heart.

- Stay hydrated

While exercising, you get to sweat and more water being used, and you need to stay hydrated, simply drink water while doing exercise but just do not drink too much water while doing exercise.

- Start with low activity and gradually increase the level

Start with doing a low activity and low face activity like stretches for weight loss, this is just to make your body get familiar with your exercise, and then you can start to add more hours or do more activity as more days you do exercise, but if you start doing exercise, then you should start from zero again.

- Keep pace down at 3 minutes after the start and 3 minutes before the end of the exercise

This is an easy way to make your body warm-up at the beginning of exercise and also cool down your body when you want to end the exercise.

The best exercise for heart

* 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise

This daily exercise at a normal activity you can it every day at home.

- Walking for 25-30 minutes

- Water aerobics

- Play tennis

- Doing Yoga

- Playing golf

- Dancing

- Gardening like digging, bagging grass, hoeing, and so on

These are just examples, of any activity that made you sweat. You can do it, but it must be under control.

* 25 minutes of vigorous exercise

- Running

- Climb up hill

- Fast cycling

- Fast swimming

- Aerobics

- Football

And other similar activities, still confusing which one you should start , check out best exercise to lose weight, this is not for the beginner who has a heart condition, but you can do it later once your heart gets stronger.

* 40 minutes of moderate and vigorous intensity exercise

You can add more time to your exercise and activity and increase the time gradually as the day you do exercise.

This way will help your heart get stronger and help with blood pressure and cholesterol condition.

My suggest exercise for a healthy heart

3 Miles Walk

This is an easy and fun walking exercise. You do not need to go outside and walk around. You can do it at home, and no equipment is needed.

30 Minutes Cardio

Cardio is good for your heart and by doing 30 minutes of this fun cardio, you will make your heart stronger. You can try home cardio workout no equipment, I am sure you will love it.

Yoga for Heart

I suggest you do this once a week. This yoga is designed for your heart and also good for your health too.

I hope this short post on the best exercise for heart would help you get your heart stronger, make your body strong and healthy and lose weight at the end of the day.

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