Easy Tips to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

tips to lose weight after pregnancy

Getting these easy tips to lose weight after pregnancy may easily help mom lose weight. Mom gains much weight during pregnancy, then after that, she needs to have a good looking after all.

One problem every mother faces after giving birth to a baby is excess weight gained during pregnancy and having to look for a way to lose weight urgently but losing weight after giving birth is necessary to reduce it properly. Because if not reduced properly may affect the lactation and growth of the baby.

Usually when a woman enters pregnancy, the body weight should increase by about 12-16 kg, depending on your pre-pregnancy weight. And doctors often do not recommend that mothers lose weight immediately after giving birth but should allow the body to recover back to normal and after undergoing a postpartum physical examination, this will take approximately 6-8 weeks, then continue to plan for proper weight loss tips after delivery.

However, if the mother has had a normal weight since before pregnancy. If you take care of your diet and exercise properly, you can lose weight quickly. But if the mother is already overweight or during pregnancy, she gained more than what was recommended by the doctor. It may take longer in general and possibly even longer if the mother doesn't diet or exercise enough.

What are the benefits of losing weight after giving birth?

Losing weight after giving birth not only helps to bring the changes in shape during pregnancy to be closer to what it was before. But it is also very necessary for mothers, because if the weight is too much during the postpartum period, it may result in the mother being overweight or obese in the future.

Considerations for tips to lose weight after pregnancy

Post pregnancy weight loss has many limitations because while the mother is losing weight, it is during breastfeeding as well. Rapid weight loss in the wrong way, such as limiting calories or choosing too many foods. It may result in the mother becoming weak and unable to take care of the baby.

In addition, for mothers who have just given birth, eating a low-calorie diet may help them lose weight quickly. But it can also cause the body to lose energy and lose muscle mass and making it even more difficult to lose weight too. If you are in the lactation period, losing weight by limiting calories can also affect the quality of your baby's milk.

However, mothers may feel that they are losing weight more slowly than other mothers who are not breastfeeding, which is not unusual because naturally after giving birth, the body continues to store nutrients to produce milk for the baby. As a result, mothers may continue to be overweight for a while and will gradually decrease as they begin to breastfeed less.

Here are some easy tips to lose weight after pregnancy

Get enough sleep

New mothers may not get enough sleep but getting at least 7 hours of sleep a day will help you lose weight as well. This is because if you don't get enough sleep, your stress hormone levels will increase and it's an easy factor for weight gain. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to take a nap, nap as often as possible. It will help the body to rest enough, this should be done until the baby can sleep soundly through the night.

Drink enough water

Drinking enough water not only prevents dehydration but it also helps to speed up the metabolic process as well. The amount of water that is sufficient for our bodies each day is not the same. Therefore, the color of the urine and the frequency of going to the toilet should be used as a measure. If the mother drinks enough water, the urine will look clear. And will go into the restroom at least every 3-4 hours. The amount of water most people should be getting is 8 glasses per day.

Do not do fast dieting

Fast dieting is the wrong way to lose weight because it will make the mother more stressed. No energy to take care of the baby and it may even lead to eating more in the next meal without realizing it. This will make it more difficult to lose weight. This will result in weight gain that is almost uncontrollable as well.

Focusing on healthy dieting

Postpartum mothers should eat nutritious food that is appropriate for the needs of the body. And should avoid foods that cause weight gain, such as fried food, fast food, snacks, sweets, including sugary drinks, soft drinks, etc., to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Mothers who want to lose weight after giving birth can just change their behavior and follow tips to lose weight after pregnancy.

- Focus on eating fruits and vegetables, due to the high fiber content can help make you feel full for a long time. And most fruits and vegetables are also low in calories so it doesn't make you fat, such as apples, pineapples, oranges. You may chekc out what fruits are good for weight loss so you can lose weight fast with the right fruits.

Caution: Not all fruits are low in calories, especially sweet fruits are high in energy and sugar. Even if we eat very sweet fruit and then burn to energy are not exhausted. Sugar is then converted into fat and accumulated in different parts of the body.

- Limit starchy foods, mothers should eat foods such as starch or carbohydrates, but less. Try to cut down on everything starch such as noodles, fried soy sauce, rice (try to eat half a plate at a time and focus on a side dish), etc. to help control your weight gain. For fatty foods, the amount should be reduced to a minimum. but should not be completely abstained because the body still needs fat to dissolve vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

- Avoid useless snacks, postpartum mothers should not leave their stomachs empty for longer than 3-4 hours, especially for mothers who need to breastfeed. Because it will make a mother feel very hungry and it will lead to eating too much of snacks such as sweets, sugary drinks, chocolate, cookies, etc. A mother should be abstained and eat dried whole grains, whole wheat bread, brown rice, yogurt, and fresh fruit instead (preferably unsweetened fruit. arranged such as guava, rose apple, and papaya).

- Eat yogurt every day to reduce belly after giving birth. Finnish researchers have found that Bacteria found in probiotic foods such as yogurt and some supplements can break down sugars and carbohydrates so the body does not accumulate starch and sugar in the form of fat. The results indicated that eating a cup of yogurt a day can help reduce these excess fats. The study tracked the health and weight of 256 women from three months of pregnancy to one year after giving birth. It was found that those who ate the probiotic diet were slightly thinner than average and are more likely to not go belly up.

Do regular exercise

Regular exercise will help you lose weight faster. In which case the mother gave birth naturally, she can start exercising immediately when she is ready. But if using a cesarean section, you may begin to exercise lightly from 4-6 weeks after giving birth. But if a mother gave birth through a cesarean section, she should consult her doctor first to find out how to exercise appropriately.

Exercising post pregnancy weight loss tips:

- Wear comfortable clothes

You should choose to wear comfortable workout clothes, not too tight. In addition, if mothers are in the lactation period should breastfeed first, and then exercise will help them to exercise more comfortably.

- Start with slow exercise

Exercise should be gradual, by starting to exercise lightly on the large muscles in the body first. Once you get used to it, gradually increase the intensity of your exercise. For example, start with yoga, walking or cycling, etc.

Try do morning stretches for weight loss. The stretch can help you with loosening up your body and getting more flexibility but do it slowly and only the light post.

- Exercise with baby

If moms can't find time to exercise seriously. You can exercise while taking care of your baby, by walking while holding the baby or putting it in the cart and walking. You also can put your baby next to you while doing stretching exercises.

- Exercising with other moms

If any mother is not motivated should turn to exercise with a group of mothers together, this may help the exercise show more noticeable results.
Contact your local gym and recreation center, looking for any group of young mothers who come together, this way can inspire others and share their way of losing weight after pregnancy.

The best way for the best tips to lose weight after pregnancy to do is to hire a personal trainer to do it at home so you will have time for your baby.

Find new friends

If you are at home all day with a new baby, find a friend to talk to, walk or jog every day, this way you can release stress and do exercise at the same time.

Breastfeed yourself

Breastfeeding itself in addition to the baby receiving the necessary and useful nutrients. Mothers benefit from breastfeeding as well because breastfeeding can burn up to 500-800 calories per day.

Be patient

This is the last thing you should do, be patient. You may a long run to lose weight, but do it slowly and you will get a good result in the end. Doing a fast diet or too much exercise will harm your body. So, make sure you stick to the tips to lose weight after pregnancy above. I suggest you make a daily routine plan of what you should do each day so you can keep track and be easy to follow.

Think about getting a good shape after pregnancy seems an easy task but doing it the right way is not easy as you think. I hope this post help and enjoy easy tips to lose weight after pregnancy.

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