Do basil seeds help in weight loss?

do basil seeds help in weight loss

Nowadays, many people are interested in eating healthy herbal food. Some herbs also help in excretion as a result, the eater has a good shape. Basil seed is one of the healthiest menus that many girls are interested in. Because basil seeds have properties that help with weight loss but do basil seeds help in weight loss?

You may hear that basil seeds are an easy tool for weight loss but do basil seeds help in weight loss while drinking this natural basil seeds weight loss stuff? Let's find out!

Many people try very hard to lose some weight and here we are going to talk about an easy way to lose some weight with natural basil seeds. You may wonder that do basil seeds help in weight loss is a good choice to follow and add to your weight loss routine. I would say that you should.

What is basil seed?

Before getting into more details on do basil seeds help in weight loss, let's get to know the basil plant. Basil is an herbaceous plant in the family of Lamiaceae (mints). Basil seeds are herbs that are round, long, and black, when soaked in water can swell up to 45 times and have mucus wrapped.

How do basil seeds help in weight loss?

- It acts like a laxative, to help reduce constipation or trouble in excretion. Because the shell of the basil seed is a mucous substance after soaking in water. and also have dense food waste, helps clean the intestinal wall stool does not stick to the intestines and make the excretion more convenient.

- basil seed helps drive bad cholesterol out of the body. Because basil seeds contain fibers that help absorb fat and when the body is unable to digest these fibers bad fats are therefore excreted with the fibers of the basil seeds. This will reduce the risk of heart disease as well.

- Basil seeds cannot break down the accumulated fat but can help control weight because basil seeds do not cause energy and they swell for a long time, making them feel fuller for longer and eat less food.

When to drink basil seeds water for weight loss?

The best time to drink basil seeds water for weight loss is before going to bed.

Basil seeds help you lose weight, just put a teaspoon of basil seeds in warm water, leave it for 3 minutes and drink before going to bed. It helps you lose weight and it also produces a good result for your body system.

If eating to lose weight eat before meals, it is recommended to eat at dinner.

But if used as a laxative, take it before bedtime and it will make a good excretion in the morning.

do basil seeds help in weight loss

How to use basil seeds for weight loss?

Basil seeds may not have direct weight loss properties but if you want a helper to control your food intake and help the excretory system work better, basil seeds are also an interesting option. Basil seeds can be eaten by both children and adults. It is also safe for pregnant and lactating women.

How much basil seeds per day?

- Help with drainage

Scoop 1-2 teaspoons of basil seeds, soak in 1 large glass of water and leave until fully swelled. Then take it before bedtime and eat it every day or 3-4 days a week.

- Help with weight loss

For people weighing 50-60 kg, scoop 2 teaspoons of basil seeds soaked in 1 large glass of water and leave until fully puffed up. Eat before meals to replace some meals. It prevents the absorption of sugar in the meal from entering the bloodstream. If the weight is more than that, increase it by portion.

For those who do not like to eat bland basil seeds, try mixing them with other beverages, it may make them easier to eat, such as ginger juice.

Benefits of basil seeds weight loss

Besides helping you lose weight, what is the true benefit of basil seeds for weight loss.

1. Working as a laxative
Basil seeds help lubricate and increase fiber in the digest system so you will have a good day in the morning. If you are overweight then I strongly suggest you take 1-2 teaspoons and put in warm water to drink before bed, then swelled.

2. Take away bad cholesterol from the body
There are both good and bad cholesterol accumulates in our body and basil seeds can help drive the bad cholesterol out from the body. The fibers of the seeds can absorb the fat when the body system cannot digest the fiber they have. Fat is very bad, it can be driven out with the fibers of the basil seeds.

3. More beneficial to your body
The basil seeds can use to treat the common cold, it reduces bronchitis and sweat. It also catalyzes the milk of the mother during giving breastfeeding to the baby. It also helps to relieve breast screening.


Before eating basil seeds, they must be soaked in water and then swell up. If the seeds are not fully inflated, when basil seeds into the stomach to suck water inside the digestive system and make basil seeds clot strength and then intestinal obstruction cause constipation bloating, and more.

Basil seeds should not be eaten at every meal because it will make us not enough other nutrients, it is recommended to eat 1 meal a day.

How do basil seeds help in weight loss and get a good result?

People who lose weight by eating basil seeds must coupled with exercise and food control, because basil seeds do not help the metabolism in any way.

So, do basil seeds help in weight loss? Yes, it does.  You know that basil seeds for weight loss work and help you lose some weight in a short time and it's like more benefit to your body system but you need to do it in the right way or else it will harm your body too.

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