Plant Based Diet – True Natural Diet and Body Recover

plant based diet

Plant based diet is about eating green and it help you out in weight loss and stay healthy.

Most disease comes from food that we eat every day for example cancer and heart disease. With plant based diet, it helps you clean your body, prevent and recover your body back to normal state.

Plant based diet: benefits

It helps you lose weight and stay healthy

By eating fruits and veggies will help you intake more fiber which is good for diet and help in weight lose.

plant based dietIncrease amount of LDL cholesterol in blood

There are plenty of researches on this and prove that it can increase cholesterol by 5% in your blood.

Help prevent from cancer

Cancer cause by animal protein, by eating more veggie and avoid any fat food would help you from cancer.

Plant based diet: what should eat

It consists of any fruits and vegetables. You must replace with plant based food like nuts and berries. You can get soy milk instead of soda would be good.

Here are some though about plant based diet ...

Eating plant based diet would be good for your health, help in weight loss and prevent from serious disease too.

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