Fat People Transformation : How To Be Determined To Lose Weight

fat people transformation

Read an article on fat people transformation will boost up your motivation on losing weight – just never give up on losing weight, and you will get a perfect money at the end.

In this short post, you are going to learn how to be determined to lose weight and make it the success.

Fat People Transformation : Do It The Right Way

There are two things here I am going to teach you; you need to stay on motivation and changing your old habit to success your weight lose journey.

No matter what diet and workout plan you are doing, most of them are working and all you need to do is sticking to the plan a little longer until you achieve your goal.

Need Stay on Motivation

High motivation and stay on the lien are what you need to success in any goal include losing weight.

– Set a realistic goal

You can set many goals as you want but it should be based on a realistic situation, so it will make a lot easier for you to reach the goal and then you can set the next goal after that but you MUST set the goal.

– Find the partner to weight loss

Having a weight loss partner, will make you a lot easier to maintain on your plan. The simple way to do it is set your time for the gym.

– Join class for workout and exercise

It makes a lot easier if you can find lose weight course and attain the class, you will get full attention and focus on any aspect to make you losing weight.

– Start document of your lose weight progress

You can try by shooting YouTube video on your weight lose journey and upload the progress once a week, this way you get support, positive comment and move on with your journey.

– Get a trainer

You need to invest on the trainer if you need the fast result, many celebs always have their own trainer and with that you will see the result faster.

– Get motivation from your family, roommates, and friends

Support from people around you is also very important. You may get bad support from your neighbor, just don’t listen to them. Stick to your plan and give only positive support. It may let you down someday just don’t give up.

– Get into success stories

Read the success story or watch the success story on YouTube is another way to motivate yourself, just do it.

– Set up a reward system

Making your own reward system like, one point for staying in the plan and do exercise on that day. Once you reach at the certain point, you reward yourself with good stuff like, spa, massage, for example.

– Keep it fun

Make your plan more fun, open music while doing work out can help you relax and enjoy on what you are doing.

– Set up a punishment system

Like reward system, if you fail to follow the plan, then you need to punish yourself and do more on another day but never over do beyond your limit. Stop when you feel tired, get some rest and continue, but if you are getting hurt, you must stop and get the cure.

Need to Change Habits

Need success in losing weight, you need to change your old habit and complete make a new one that matches your lifestyle and diet and weight-loss plan.

– Start being a patience person

You won’t see the result within a short time, and you need to be patience, make your progress and I am sure you will get the good result at the end of the day.

– Change your thinking about lose weight

Think your diet stuff, if some food with high calorie and you can’t eat, tell yourself that you don’t eat that particular food and tell other too that you don’t eat that food; it harms your body. Get the weight loss tips for eat habits people and stick to the plan, this way can help you stick to your diet and avoid eat the bad food.

For exercise, think like it’s your daily routine, and you must do it every day.

– Consistent exercise

You must do exercise everyday, and you must include the weight training sessions in your workout plan; it really helps you lose weight and stay in shape.

- Only limit but never cut the food

You can’t eat everything and limit your eating habit. You can train your eating habit. Make it into small portion like five times a day and only eat a small amount of food. Try the easiest most effective diet to follow that you can find and adapt to your diet plan.

- Being an accountability person

Being a positive thing and accountable person to yourself, your family and other people around you, this would help you create the good environment in lose weight and get motivated.

– Being a perseverance person

You need to courage yourself on the daily basis to stick to the plan; you need a thousand times of perseverance before you can quit, and if you feel tired, just get one day relax, enjoy time for your family at the park, zoo, watch MOVIE and so on. Just take the day off, fulfill your energy and get start again but NEVER GIVE UP.

Here is a story of Jon Calvo, he never gives up on losing weight; he takes the long journey, but finally he achieves his goal and here is his fat people transformation on his YouTube video.

In this video, he loses 175 pounds now. He has the good-looking in the dress, but he was too fat so when he loses weight, the extra skin won’t loss too.

After that, he did surgery to take out the extra skin and make him look good without dress.
And finally ...

Jon Calvo

Here are some inspire to lose weight; he had the bad day, but he never gave up and sees what he got now, LOOK COOL MAN!


* Never give up

* Get high motivate

* Change your daily lifestyle

With these three thing, you can have your own success weight loss journey. Start today and never give up!

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